<*> Techno Terrorists:
The Techno Terrorists are Matt Drown and Sean Goller. Sean and Matt used to DJ on the radio at WRCT from about 1991-1998. We no longer do that, but are in the proccess of encoding up some of our classic analog archives.

mail with what you think so far, or if you have any specific requests.

The Old Page is available if you are looking for some of our older playlists.

MP3 Mix Files from Matt and Sean of the Techno Terrorists
Techno Terrorist RADIO SHOWS!

Ok after over 15 years many, we have mp3's of some of our radio shows. The first couple of years were recorded onto the audio tracks of VHS tapes, so they are between 6 and 8 hours long. Later on we switched to using normal cassette tapes, and these are in 45-50 minute chunks.

Please remember these are mastered from FM broadcasts onto analog tapes. All the hiss and FM static is nostalgia, not noise. :)

Local Copies Below, but you can also check out MixCloud for a complete collection!

Fall 1991 - Live from the DMZ

Spring 1992 - Live from our Bass to Yours Summer 1992 - Live from the Deep Subs Fall 1992 - Live: Period
CD Series:

The cassette series.
This set of mp3's will be directly off of 45 minute mix tapes that we made over time. If I can find dates and/or track listings, I will include that. Also included is who did it, or tag team if more then one of us did it.
Party Series:

-This page written by Matt

acid party
acid party
today, everyweek, even more frequently
acid party, crucial party, let's have a party
rave, rave, rave, murder
acid party
never mind the politics

it's a better record then the labor ever had at any time
it's a party, it's a party, yes yes yes

the bass goes on
the bass goes on